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brainpuzzle BP Fitness Staff Policies and Procedures

Information and resources on policies, procedures, description and training for BP Fitness Staff.



The below is a work in progress with several links to information to be used in ultimately creating training modules/slide packs for each category. I have outlined the flow of the modules and some of the information to be linked/included in each area.

Program Policies and Procedures

Pre-Screening Procedures Module

Associated content:

New Member Fitness Assessment Module

Associated content:

Health and Fitness Programming

Program Design and Implementation Module

Associated content:

Fitness Program Elements Module

Associated content:

Program Administration Module

Associated content:

Risk/Incident Management

Associated content:

Regulatory Compliance

Associated content:

Facility Operations

Associated content:

Group Exercise Programming

Associated content:

GroupX SOP

Membership Satisfaction Survey Reports

  • Survey Monkey Link and Use
  • 2009 Membership Survey Report
  • 2008 Membership Survey Report
  • 2007 Membership Survey Report
  • 2006 Membership Survey Report

























































































































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