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Pre/post natal services and info you need to have a healthy happy pregnancy and baby while here at bp!



Whether you are expecting your first child, returning from maternity leave or need help losing the baby weight, the BP Fitness Center has a program for you.  Below are the resources available to all BP employees and contractors.

Expectant Mothers ParkingAvailable in W1 for expectant mothers starting in their sixth month.  For more information including how to obtain access, click here.

Mother’s Rooms – Available in all buildings on the Westlake campus.  We want to help merge motherhood and work.These rooms provide a private place for expectant moms to relax and for breastfeeding moms to express and store milk. Welcome kits are available (including tote bag, pump attachments, micro-steam bags and plastic storage box). Click here for more information.

Westlake Child Development CenterIn a brand new 26000 sq ft facility on the Westlake campus.  The Westlake CDC offers a discounted rate to BP employees.  Click here for more information. 

All About Breastfeeding – The articles featured here discuss the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby and some tips to promote success. 

Breastfeeding and Working – Click here for information about breastfeeding and your return to work. 

Exercising During Your Pregnancy – Click here for lots of information on exercise and pregnancy. 

Nutritional needs and weight gain during pregnancy and breastfeeding – What does “eating for two” really mean?  What is the optimal diet for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman?  What is the optimal weight gain?  Click here to find out. 

The Postpartum Period and Beyond– Click here for information pertaining to the post-partum period.  Includes information on weight loss and overall health after the baby is born.












































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