2015 Show of Strength


Show of Strength will take place October 26th – November 6th. 10 events in all. Some are inside, some are outside. Events include: Car Push, Max Bench Press, Max push-ups, Power Pull-ups, Max pull-up, Farmer’s Walk, Drag and Push, Pick up and Put up, Iron Crush and Log Press. Competition to determine top performers in each event, SOS t-shirts for those who participate in at least 3 events (while supplies last)! Open to all men and women BP Fitness Center members. This challenge is not for the faint of heart! That is why we call it a “competition.” Additional details are listed below .

·        Members may participate in single events or all events.

·        One to two events will be held daily over the course of 2 weeks, with a couple days allowed for make-up in case an event was missed during the designated time.

·       A point system will be used for the top finishers (10 pts. for first, 9 for second, etc.)

·        Members wanting to compete for the overall championship can take their best 8 scores from the 10 events. One must compete in at least 8 events to be eligible for overall champion scoring. Champions will be determined based on points. Overall champions will be awarded medals.

·        It is planned to have a leader board posted daily in the BP Fitness Center and on this website.

·        All participants who participate in 3 or more events will receive a Show of Strength 2015 t-shirt (while supplies last).

In the meantime--start training!


The following events will be part of the competition.

Drag and Push

Full body strength, endurance and grip strength.


Participants will stand and pull a rope attached to a weighted sled 50 feet--then push the sled another 50 feet. Done as fast as possible. Work gloves will be worn.



Fastest time wins!


Train standing rowing and pulling exercises. Use rope handle. Use rowing machine for sprints!


Max Push-ups!

As many as possible--non stop. Men bring chest to floor. Women lower themselves to the point their upper arms are parallel to the floor (pad) .

Top 10 range: men 72 -119, women 34 - 61

Just like junior highschool!

Max Rep Pull-ups

Upper body strength-endurance

Max Pull-ups. 55% bodyweight for women. Arms extended at the bottom, chin over bar at the top. Women will use the assisted chin/dip machine--no flexing at the waist or 2 part pull-ups allowed. Body moves as a unit. Chalk is the only assistance allowed.

Top 10 Range: men 17 - 39, women 12 - 97

Maximum full range, no swing parallel grip pull-ups wins.


Train your bodyweight pull-ups.

Max Single Pull-up** Max weight for a single pull-up-- parallel grip. Weight belt with chain worn around the waist. 3 attempts. Best pull-up weight to bodyweight ratio wins. Extend arms at bottom, chin over knuckles at the top. Raw pulling strength.

Log Press

Upper body strength and endurance.

Push-press a metal log overhead from a standing position as many times as possible. Log must touch shoulders and be pressed to full extension of arms overhead. Feet can be parallel or split. Jerk or leg drive is legal. Log must be paused in the lock out position overhead and wait for the judges count before lowering.

Participants can have a lift-off if desired. Power rack and safety stops will be used for competition. Participant can chose the height of safety stops (depending on the depth of leg-drive). 65% bodyweight for men, 40% bodyweight for women.

Top 10 Range: men 8 - 43, women 4 - 35

Maximum number of presses wins.


Train your overhead presses and clean and press.


Max Bench**

Brute pressing strength

Max bench as a % of bodyweight. Butt must stay on the bench at all times—feet on the floor. Bar must touch the chest (not bounce). Arms must be locked out at the top of the lift. Lift off available if desired. 3 attempts. Be sure to thoroughly warm-up before attempts.


Score for best wt/bodyweight lift. Best total as well will be recognized.



Prepare by practicing your max bench press.

Farmers Walk

Best walk for distance. Men carry 125% of their bodyweight. Women carry their bodyweight. Chalk is the only thing allowed (no gloves, straps, etc)



Top 10 Range : men 289 - 513, women 200 - 512

Best distance wins.


Start carrying heavy things out to the barn and back--like the 120 lb. dumbbells in the WC .


Car Push*

Pushing strength

Push a car 150 feet (women push 100 feet) as fast as possible. Wear appropriate atheltic footwear.



Top 10 Range : men 23 - 38 seconds, women 31 - 49 seconds

Fastest time wins.


Push the treadmill with the power off.


Iron Crush** Single rep hand squeeze with the most weight possible. Performed on a weight loaded grip device for dramatic effect. Highest weight to bodyweight lift wins! Raw hand strength-- work your grip!
Pick up, put up Throw a weighted ball up over a line on a wall as many times as possible in 2 minutes. Ball drops all the way to the floor between throws.

Highest number of throws wins!


Need lots of muscular endurance for this one!




*Weight class event. Men: < 185 lbs. and 185+ , Women < 135 and 135+

**On some lifts, the Schwartz/Malone formulas will be used to determine winners. These formulas are specifically designed to equalize scoring in determining the pound for pound strongest competitor in Olympic Lifts and Power Lifts.

 If interested or if you have questions, e-mail Josh Thompson at . Ask a BP Fitness Center staff member if you have any questions about how to perform any specific exercises . Get ready to show your strength!.



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