Daily Drills 1


Squat Jump
1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, trunk flexed forward slightly with back straight in a neutral position.
2) Arms should be in the “ready” position with elbows flexed at approximately 90°.
3) Lower body where thighs are parallel to ground.
4) Explode vertically and drive arms up.
5) Land on both feet and repeat.
6) Prior to takeoff extend the ankles to their maximum range (full plantar flexion) to ensure proper mechanics.

Trainer's comments:

Explosive Pushup
1. Start by getting into a push-up position.
2. Lower yourself to the ground and then explosively push up so that your hands leave the ground.
3. Catch your fall with your hands and immediately lower yourself into a pushup again and repeat.
4. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Trainer's comments:

Side Bridge
Start on your side and press up with your right arm.
Form a bridge with your arm extended and hold for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Trainer's comments:
begin with weight on elbow first

1. From a standing position, jump as high as possible and land down on your feet with your hands on the ground.
2. Kick your feet back. For a moment you will be in a push up position and jump back up again as fast as possible.
3. Repeat for the required repetitions

Trainer's comments:

Double Crunch
1. Lie back onto floor or bench with knees bent and hands behind head. Keep elbows back and out of sight. Head should be in a neutral position with a space between chin and chest.
2. Start position: Hands behind head and knees bent at 90 degrees.
3. Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominals and raise shoulders off floor or bench. During the crunch, also bring knees towards chest.
4. Return to start position.
5. Remember to keep head and back in a neutral position. Hyperextension or flexion of either may cause injury.

Trainer's comments:

Dive Bomber Pushup
1) Lie face down on the floor with hands palm down, fingers pointing straight ahead, and aligned at the nipple line.
2) Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width, and feet should be at hip width with toes on floor.
3) Start position: Extend the elbows and raise the body off the floor.
4) Lower your entire body (legs, hips, trunk, and head) 4-8 inches from the floor starting with the head first and follow with the shoulders and waist. It should look like you are diving down towards the ground.
5) Return to the start position by extending at the elbows and pushing the body up.
6) Remember to keep the head and trunk stabilized in a neutral position by isometrically contracting the abdominal and back muscles. Never fully lock out the elbows at the start position and avoid hyperextension of the low back.

Trainer's comments:

Lateral Lunge on Box
Start position: Stand with feet hip width apart. Place hands on waist or out to sides for stability.
Step laterally 2-3 feet and place foot onto a box 12-24” high. Bend knee into a lunge.
Pushing off foot, return to start position. Continue with same leg or alternate as prescribed.
Remember to keep head and back upright in a neutral position. Shoulders and hips should remain squared at all times.

Trainer's comments:
do not need to use box

Single Leg Hip Extension
1. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor or on a balance disc.
2. Raise one foot into the air and press your other foot into the floor or disc until your hips come up off the floor.
3. Press until your hips are at full extension.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat for the prescribed repetitions. Repeat with the other leg.

Trainer's comments:
can be done with feet on floor