Bodyweight Workout


Bulgarian Squat

- Elevate rear foot, keep torso upright and dip the back knee down to the floor. Try not to let the front knee drift out past the toe.

- Hold on to dumbbells or tubes to make more difficult.


thighs and butt


Hammy Pop-up

-Anchor your heels under something heavy (bed or couch), place a pad (pillow) under the knees. Lower your body as slowly as possible, catch yourself at the bottom, pull yourself up with your hamstrings--using only enough push to barely be able to get back up.




Single Leg Deadlift

-Stand on one leg. Bend forward as far as possible trying to touch the floor. Return to start position. Keep your balance and do not let the other foot touch the floor! To make easier, do not bend as far or use your other foot minimally to help with balance. When the time is right, add a little weight.

hamstrings, butt and lower back


Walking Lunge

-Keep head and chest up, try to keep shin of front leg vertical. Dip back knee to the floor. Knees should not wobble. Do half lunges to make easier--hold weight to make tougher.



thighs and butt


Single Leg Calfraise

-Step on a block or step. Raise heel as high as possible, pause, return to start. No bouncing at the bottom. Use both feet to make easier, ad weight to make it tougher.






-Keep body straight, eyes forward. To make easier, put hands on an elevated surface, like a couch or step. To make tougher, elevate feet. There are many variations of push-ups.


chest and shoulders

1x max

Door Knob Row

-Wrap a towel around a doorknob. Pull yourself forward, elbows stay tight to the sides. Move feet away from the door to make easier. The closer your feet to the door, the tougher it is. Try one hand!


upper back


Tent Push-up

-Bodyweight version of a shoulder press. Touch head to the floor. Elevate feet to make tougher, elevate hands to make easier.



shoulders and arms


Tricep Dive

-Bodyweight version of the overhead tricep extension. Find an object of the appropriate height--table, counter, chair, etc. Look at your feet, duck your head between your arms. Keep elbows close to your head. Move feet closer to make easier--move them out or pick a lower object to hold on to.



Wall Push-off

-Bodyweight version of the lateral raise. Lean against a wall and push yourself away with your elbow. The further your feet are away from the wall, the tougher it is.





Side Bridge

-Start with your body straight--shoulders, hips, knees and ankles all aligned. Elbow under shoulder, free hand on waist. Push hips up off the floor as high as possible, pause at the top, lower to the floor and touch (not rest) and repeat. Bend knees to make easier.





-Bring hands to feet being certain your shoulders and butt are off the floor at the top of the movement. Lower to the floor, touch and repeat. Lower back stays pressed to the floor at all times. Bend knees to make easier.



-Opposite elbow to opposite knee. Elbows wide, kick those feet all the way out!


rectus abdominus