Strength Training

There are many reasons of why you should strength train or why you should keep strength training, including some of the reasons below:

To name only a few.

Strength training doesn't have to be complicated Although thousands of books and articles have been written about it one message is a common link to all of their messages: Productive strength training is hard work. It has to be in order for it to stimulate the body to develope stronger, firmer (or stronger/larger) muscles. There are hundreds, if not thousands of strength training plans out there--which one is best? None of them, or all of them depending on how you want to look at it. Any plan will work if the person doing it works hard. The key is to find the plan that fits into your level of time and frequency commitment and specific strength training goals (ie. firm butt, flat stomach, faster sprint time, stronger bench press, better tennis game, rehab your back, etc. etc. etc.) 

Plan on putting in at least 2 sessions per week on the low end or up to 6 days on the higher end--it just depends on what suits your circumstances. Examples:

The bottom line is: there are infinite ways to design a program and make it work for you. Think about what you want and try to match the workout to your goals. This is what the BP Wellness Center staff can help with if you are having trouble zero-ing in. Linked into this page are a variety of strength program ideas categorized by goals we (the BP Wellness Center staff) encounter often.

Another word about productive exercise:

As one strength training coach put it--"If you want to know how to get the results that will set you apart from the rest of the population--observe  what 99% of people are doing in the gym and do the opposite."

The fact is, there are a lot of folks out there wasting time and not working out very hard or very smart. Look around in most gyms and you'll see:

No one is saying that working out can't be social (a lot of really cool people workout) but remember why you are there.  Have a plan, keep moving, work hard, keep track of what you're doing and try to make a little progress at every workout. If you can do that, you will be ahead of 99% of the folks you see at most gyms.

The BP Wellness Center has a variety of strength equipment: free weights, machines, cables,  bands, balls etc. Everything you need for your program.

Take a look at these tips and keep them in mind while you work out.

Workout ideas:

Butt, thighs and abs - just what it says

Runner 1 - Strength training to help you for the next big race

Running Drills - Drills to help you speed and running mechanics

Wellness 1 - A good all around program for full body fitness

Upper 1 & Lower 1 - For guys looking to muscle up

Exercises to try! - spice up your training!

Runner 2 - Strength training drills you can do after a run and which require no equipment.

Running Drills 2 - Drills to help your running mechanics and speed which you would do before a run. Requires no equipment.

Running Stretches - Stretches which can be done out on the trail.

Split 2 (day 1) & Split 2 (day 2) - For lifters with a little experience under their belts.

On The Road - no equipment, no problem--strength, cardio and flexibility is all here

Bodyweight Workout - another workout where you are the barbell   

Ball Workout   

Tube Workout

If you are especially new to strength training, check out these workouts from our Women on Weights program (works for guys too).

Week 1 - Machines

Week 2 - Free Weights

Week 3

Week 4 Functional


A copy of the Workout Card to print out and track progress

If you need help designing a strength program, talk to a memebr of the BP Wellness Center staff. We can help design your program and check in with you regularly to be sure you are performing it correctly and making progress.

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