Joint Mobility Drills - from Pavel Tsatsouline's Super Joints

Play your desired drill. Do at least 20 repetitions of each.  Read more about them in the Joint Mobility guide. Click on the picture to animate.

Three Plane Neck Movement

         Turn your head side to side

         Flex and extend

         Flex head to each side

Tip: gradually build up ROM. Do not roll neck.


Shoulder Circles

      Draw big circles with your shoulders.

      Reverse directions every 10-20 reps.

Fist Exercise

         Extend your fingers wide.

         Pull back and flex your wrist as you make a fist.


        Rotate your little fins

Tip: A must for every keyboard punching office slave.


Elbow Circles

         Make circles with your elbows.

         Bring fingers to armpits (think chimp) and stretch arms out and rotate hands.

         Keep elbows high.

         Donít forget to go in both directions

The Egyptian

         Keep both palms up.

         Twist and rotate to the opposite direction.

         Feel your shoulders work!



Arm Circles

         Big circles in all directions.


Ankle Circles

         Draw circles with your ankles.

         Do some with toes bent and some on the ball of your foot.

         Donít forget to switch directions.


Knee Circles

         Keep the circles small.

         Feet stay flat on the floor.

         One leg at a time as well as both.



         Squat as deep as your current ROM allows.

         Keep shins as vertical as possible.

         Hold onto something if needed to maintain proper form.

         Sit back on your heels, donít roll to the balls of your feet as you squat.

Tip: Squats are one of the best movements for your knees when done correctly and progressively.Do not let your knees cave in.  In some parts of the world, it is the way people sit.


Hula Hoop

         Move your hips in big circles.

         Shoulders stay over your feet.

Belly Dance

         Smaller movements than hula hoop.

         Knees slightly bent.

         Tilt pelvis in small circles.

The Cossack

         Knees always track your feet. At no point do they buckle in.

         Start shallow.

         Use a mirror if needed.

         Move in all planes of motion.

         Use a chair or other object for support.



Split Switches

         Knees always track feet in this one as well.

         At no point do they buckle in.

         Legs stay straight and rigid!

         Start shallow!

         Use a mirror if needed.

         Use a chair or other object for support.

         One foot points up, the other lies sideways.

Tips: Excellent for learning the splits.



Spine Flexion and Extension

         Seated or kneeling.

         Round forward then pull back.

         Arch your back and open your chest wide.

Spinal Roation

         Kneeling or sitting.

         Follow your hand with your eyes as you twist.

         Gradually increase ROM.